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What you don’t know till this time about erotic Lingamu massage?

You may have heard the concept of lingam massage, but do you know what is really under it?  The word ligam comes from Sanskrit and is the name for masculine nature. It can translate too as „stick of light“. This concept comes from tantra, the science from from Southeast Asia, which approaches the penis a little differently. According to from her, the meaning of pleasure is not the climax, but rather the well-known “even the way is the goal”.

Massage of lingam includes massage of the penis, testicles, dikes and prostate. To achieve a orgasm isn´t error, but too isn´t the main goal. It’s about allowing a man to achieve relaxation and pleasure in a slightly different way – without expecting a climax to orgasm. This can be alone a lot of uplifting. Have i idea, that in one time you will do nothing – only you and presence.

According to the tantra, many diseases can cure lingam massage because there are different nerve endings in it. Beauty fro this practice is too in, that when the man is near to get a climax of orgasm, a very professionally masseusse will know it and in this time she will stoped. The man will able to learn to control ejaculation and use it in his love life. Deep breathing is a very important.

Thank of massage of lingam you will know, that ejculation and orgams ar two different things. Tantric massage can give you a orgasm, which you had not till this time. Just experience without some expectations can show you the your way inside.