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Do you want to rich your sexual life with your partner, but you don’t know how? You have the opportunity to try erotic massage for partners in our massage spa studio Infinity in Prague. Did you try at your home everything for diversification with sexual games and erotic aids and you don’t feel any satisfaction anymore? Or you don’t feel to try those things and you want to
start slowly? It’s no problem to come here and taste this type of erotic massage, where the professionals will care of you both.


There is no need to worry about some shame. Erotic massage for partners is very precise technique full of tenderness and soft touches. In shared shower you can meet very well with your bodies and break away first embarrassment. After that you will lay with your partner together in pleasantly warm room and taste just nice touches not even of beautiful girls, but also each other’s hands. Masseuses will pay all attention and their job is to transfer your bodies into the same status of sexual lust and exciting. They will pay to your body very sensitively and everything will run very slowly to not deprived any piece of your bodies.

Try for erotic massage also one of our

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Enjoy a massage by staying

whirlpool or sauna

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  • eviving sex life in a relationship
  • Strengthening mutual trust
  • An unusual common intimate experience
  • Hluboká relaxace
  • Uvolnění stresu
  • Prokrvení organismu
  • Posílení sebedůvěry
  • Euforie a orgasmus
  • Oživení libida


If you want to try the massage on your partner, there is no problem to take initiative and under the professional’s look to massage your dear half. You will learn technique, which you can try at your home in privacy and transfer into your bedroom another sexual atmosphere than you
are used to it on. Just you will determine the running of massage and if your lust will be so strong, that you will want to stay alone together in the room, you can ask the girls anytime to leave you alone. The space you can use for your love plays and you will see, how much more they are more intensive thanks to erotic massage. The whole experience you can finish with shared shower, where your exciting and release will fade out under the hot waterflow.

Don’t be shy and come to taste another piece of the world of erotica in your common sexual life. You will discover next part of your sexual ego and desires in yourself, which you have no idea about. Erotic massage for partners is very intimate thing, which will bring you more close together. You will see, that you will not want any different foreplay at your home than mutual erotic massage of your partner.

Prices of erotic massage for partners

60 minutes3000 CZK
90 minutes4000 CZK
120 minutes5000 CZK

Why book an nuru massage to our salon?

Our massage saloon does not offer only first class massage services, but also nice environment which will let you enjoy the massage fully. The rooms are equiped with large beds and pillows for your maximal comfort. Of course there are also mirrors which will let you admire amazing bodies of our masseuses. We have installed sauna and whirlpool for you so now you can relax before or after the massage.

Erotic massage for partners directly in your hotel room!

Erotic massage for partner or another massage can also be ordered as an escort to your hotel room!

Just choose a girl, providing the ESCORT TO HOTEL service.

Original gift that will please every man.