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It is one of the greatest secrets of male eroticism. One of the biggest taboos in the male world. Get rid of the shame and indulge in a very exciting massage from an experienced masseuse, who will show you how beautiful a prostate massage can be. The male prostate is the perfect equivalent of the female G-spot – highly sensitive and exciting – and is only accessible through anal massage. A huge benefit of this massage is that it serves as a prevention and can thus be considered a healthy alternative to examination by a doctor. In addition, it is underlined by a strongly erotic atmosphere and a beautiful masseuse, which will bring you to the very top.

Step by step process

How does a prostate massage actually work? It hurts? I’m ashamed… Don’t worry. The essence of the whole massage is your maximum comfort and relaxation. In addition, you are taken care of by an experienced sexy masseuse, who will “prepare” you for the first time with a gentle, but still exciting massage of the dam, which is the area between the root of the penis and the anal opening. Already in this step of the massage you will experience incredibly strong and stimulating feelings. Once you are relaxed and relaxed, the masseuse will begin to focus around the anus. The very surroundings of the entrance are extremely sensitive and will bring you incredibly stimulating experiences. The next step is the prostate massage itself.

The massage takes place by lying on your stomach, which is the most comfortable position for you and the masseuse. The masseuse will take care of everything and at the end of the massage itself you may well be waiting for the best climax you have ever reached.

Why try prostate massage with us?

In our massage salon, in addition to first-class services, we also offer you a pleasant environment, thanks to which you can really enjoy the massage to the fullest. The rooms are equipped with spacious beds with many pillows for your maximum comfort. Of course, there are also mirrors, so you can enjoy the view of a girl who will perform a massage or prostate massage. A complete novelty after the recent reconstruction is also a sauna and whirlpool, where you can relax before or after the massage.

Prostate massage at the hotel!

Prostate massage or other selected extra service can also be added to the massage as an escort directly to your hotel!

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