We welcome new masseuses to our salon. More information on the phone number +420 603 373 881.

Opening hours 9:00 - 23:00

The shared shower is an intimate harmony between you and the masseuse under the falling drops of water. In the shower, together with your chosen masseuse, you can cuddle, snuggle and caress. To take great care of you, the masseuse starts playing excitingly with herself. You can look at her beautiful wet body reflecting falling drops of water, or you can devote yourself to self-satisfaction. But that would be a pity, because after the masseuse provokes you with lustful touches, she will start to pay attention to you, she will start caressing you, of course with an emphasis on your intimate parts, when she brings you to a delightful and strong peak. You can culminate countless times. The only limit is the time that the masseuse has ready for you.

Shared shower also at your hotel!

You can also order a shared shower or other selected extra service for a massage as an escort directly to your hotel!

Just choose a girl who provides HOTEL ESCORT.