We welcome new masseuses to our salon. More information on the phone number +420 603 373 881.

Opening hours 9:00 - 23:00
How to book a massage and is advance booking necessary?

Yes, everytime it must be with a reservation. Usually we are possible to you, and we can make reservation in the day when you want have a massage, it depends on the occupancy of the salon and the time you require.

You can make reservation on this number : +420 603 373 881

You can write to us too on WhatsApp.

We offer you our service on two adress and it:

on Hálkova 1631/6, Praha 2 and Koubkova 1726/8, 120 00 Nové Město

The studios are only a two minutes walk away and your operator on phone will tell you which address to come to when booking.

What are the opening hours of the salon?

Our salons are open 24/4 – NONSTOP.

Is it possible to cancel an already made reservation or change the date?

Yes, is it possible. As we have to plan the time schedule of all masseuses, we will be happy if you notify us of any change in the reservation as soon as possible. Our  phone operator will offer to you alternative dates for, and the sooner you announce the change, the greater the chance that more dates will be available.

Will I meet someone other than the masseuse upon entering the salon?

Not. Upon arrival in front of the building, we will open the front door and the salon door will be opened by a masseuse, which you choose when booking. This girl will take you on your room, where the she will make you a massage.

How does an erotic massage work?

Upon come in the room, there will be a shower first, which can be on your wish too together with our masseuse.

After shower you will laying, Then you lie down comfortably, turn your face towards the mattress and the masseuse starts with a massage as in a normal relaxation massage. She will focus on your shoulders, back and other parts of your body.

The masseuse then begins to do a better this classic massage with erotic elements, when she will massage to you with her boos or ass, massage your buttocks and with she travels with its movements to erogenous zones. The masseuse while shole massage will naked, and you can see her nice movements in mirrors.

In moment,  when you will of feeling found enough, the masseuse asks you to turn on your back and continues to massage the erogenous zones until the happy ending. The course of the massage Průběh masáže it also depends on which type of erotic massage you have chosen and you can also adjust it yourself according to your wishes and agreement with the masseuse.

Is a happy ending included in the basic price of the massage?

Yes, of course. In every types of erotic massages, which we offer you, the massage ends with the stimulation of erogenous zones and the culmination. As extra service we offer you too MASSAGE OF PROSTATE.

Is the masseuse completely naked during the massage?

Yes, everything is on your wish. The masseuse can the massage started in underwear, which she wil while massage posponed. We offer to you a service FOOTJOB – MASSAGE WITH FOOTS,while this massage can our masseuse take a sexy highheels, suspenders or stockings.

How long does a massage of erogenous zones take?

It depends on the type of massage and also your wishes. The masseuse has often good planing of time, that in reservation time you will have everything, what has be in massage from A after Z. If you want to have earlier massage of intimate parts, just say it to our masseuse while massage, and you can jump on more pleasant part.

Does the massage end immediately after I climax?

The course of the massage is planned so that the masseuse gradually pays attention to all the body part of the body and receives the final part in time, so they managed everything. The final part will come before the end. After the climax, the masseuse can continue with a classic massage or gentle stroking.

Is it possible to touch the masseuse during the massage?

Yes, usually you can touch on your masseuse. Where everywhere it depends on the specific masseuse and mutual agreement. Some masseuse offer to you the possibility of mutual satisfaction.

In a card of our masseuse you can find list of service, where among which the masseuses providing this service have mentioned: MUTUAL TOUCHES AND MUTUAL SATISFACTION.

Is it possible to arrange or pay extra for classic sex or oral sex?

No, classic sex or oral we not offer to our clients. We offer to you to diversify the massage also other services, which you can find on the page ADDITIONAL SERVICES TO MASSAGE.

Is it possible to order an erotic massage as an escort to my hotel?

Yes is it, our salon offer you too escort on your HOTEL ROOM ! Just choose a girl, which offer this service. List of our masseuse , which offer this service you will find here on page ESCORT.

Is it possible to climax on a masseuse?

Usually yes, and it on boobs or belly. It depends on roles from concrete masseuse, Obvykle ano a to na prsa či bříško. Záleží na pravidlech konkrétní masérky, mutual agreement and sympathy. Before reservation you can ask our call operator.

Is it possible to pay for the massage by credit card?

We are so sorry, but no. Our services you can pay only with cash. We are accepting paying in CZK, EURO and USD.

Is it possible to come for a massage if I am not yet 18 years old?

No, we are so sorry but not.  Our service are provide only for adults, over 18 years of age.

How can I order a gift voucher?

You can order gift voucher on our telephone number 00 420 603 373 881 or on e-mail: info@masaze-infinity.cz

Is it possible to give a gift voucher to anyone?

Yes, it´s possible. You can give this gift voucher to everybody, but he must be older than 18 years old.

What is the validity of the gift voucher?

Gift voucher is with the standard validity while whole 3 months,  or possibly according to individual agreement.

Do you also provide additional discounts on massages or price promotions?

Yes, akcion on massages we publicated on our web page. You can find them on our main page in news sektion – in section BLOG. Discounts outside the events listed on the website are not provided and are valid only for the prices listed in the PRICE LIST.

How does a massage with a hot tub or sauna work?

Before whole massage together with your masseuse, you will have  a pleasant time in the whirlpool or sauna and only then will the massage you have booked follow. The stay itself is not part of the massage but only a foreplay, which will pleasantly relax you and bring you into relaxation.