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Erotic massage with whirlpool and sauna

Erotic massage is very popular practise in last years, which they like as men and women, so as well couples together. To indulge yourself such a massage is the great release from stress and pressure of many duties of routine life. Everyone can try, how pleasant and exciting erotic massage can be. So, order yourself to our massage studio and you can pick as technique, what the one of our masseuses will apply to you, so you can pick the beautiful lady as well. It’s important for us to have satisfying clients and to fulfill all their desires. We’re trying to make everybody come to taste in our studio in Prague. If you prefer more blondes than brunettes, or if you like the women with fuller shapes more than the slim ones, you can choose exactly according to your taste. The chosen girl will guide you through the fairytale named erotic massage.


Every beginning of erotic massage plays in the shower, which you can indulge yourself together with the masseuse. The naked woman’s body, irritating and excitening you below the waterflow, will heat you up and start you to what will play in the warm room after all of it. As in classical massage you will lay on your belly and the girl will start with massaging you. But that’s just the classical way of massage. The difference in erotic massage is that the woman, who you choose, will engage her whole body, not just her fingers and hands. Every part of her body will touch you very softly and transfer you outside of reality of ordinary days. Erotic massage is done with the special massage products, which will bleed your body and make skin smell very nicely. Thanks to it the masseuse will have the better opportunity to do soft sliding movements and stronger and more intensive moves with her whole oil body.



And don’t worry about that everything ends only with you backside. After that one of our girls goes down to your bottom and thighs, she will please you to turn around on your backside. Now, you can watch her naked body covered by parfumed oil. This time, she will carry about your upper body. And then, when you experience will be maximum exciting, it will be the moment, what you were waiting for the most. You will be released and tuned in the best and you will finally wait for the massage of your penis by masseuse’s soft hands. Her touches will be very felt and you will experience orgasm stronger than you are used to. Bud the massage doesn’t have to end with it. You can have such orgasms how many you want a how many you can take. There are no rules for that, but it’s necessary to say, that wishes for sex or oral sex will not be satisfied in our studio.

So, we hope, that you will not miss this unique experience and you will visit us very soon. Trust us, that you will not regret.

Price of erotic massage

30 min1000 CZK1500 CZK
60 min1500 CZK2500 CZK
90 min2000 CZK3200 CZK
120 min2800 CZK4000 CZK