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Have you ever wondered what kind of states of mind can man experience during tantric Lingamu massage? To try not to perceive just only the physical sexual delight of climax, but also the psychic one? To immerse yourself deeply into your senses and let yourself indulge in pleasure out of this world. Ous masseueses can give you all of this in studio Infinity in Prague.


Lingam is a word taken from one of the oldest languages – sanskrt and you can imagine below that the male gender. Its massage isn’t just ordinary like you are used to it, even not classical masturbation, but special tantric and taoist technique, which has a special relationship to erotica. The goal is not the result but more than that is the process of whole situation in tantra, thanks to which you will go back to your own ego, to your body and to your essence. Tantric lingam massage will transfer you to absolute unknown place, to the world, when you have never been, to a totally different dimension. The genitals, organs of pleasure, have the sacred meaning in tantra and that’s why their stimulation is something extraordinary, what will bring you the harmonization of your body and soul. Tantric lingam massage will give you totally new feelings of touches and excitiment.

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For whole enjoyment you will be in very intimate surroundings scented with sticks, the aroma of massage oil and everything in the room will be provided by relax music and light of the candles. All of that, what you will get, will be in a lying position. You will be absolutly calm, relax and just taste soft touches of one of our beautiful girls, who will present you, thanks to her skilled fingers and hands, all care of your intimate parts. You can imagine now, how it can look like, when you and your genitals are the most important things in the room. The masseuse will delay your orgasm so long until you will feel the wave of energy flowing throw your entire body.



Thanks to all aspects of tantric lingam massage you will feel relaxation connected with total release. You will find yourself out of the reality and go throw the physical and spiritual state, which will connect together at the end and culminate in pure feeling of pleasure. After your massage you can complete the unique experience with a visit the whirlpool or sauna, where you can finish your release of physical and psychic pressure. You don’t have to think about anything, just taste some lingering feelings of your very pleasant moment, which you sampled during the lingam massage before that. So, just come to visit us and convince yourself, how all these beneficial effects can work upon you. You will be reborn.

Price list of lingamu massage

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Original gift that will please every man.