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Nuru massage is the next type of massage in offers of our spa studio Infinity in Prague, which will give you unique erotic experience and relaxation in one package. You will taste part of the age-old ritual full of eroticism, what has been practised for centuries. We can translate the name Nuru massage as „slippery massage“ and the reason is, that the special Nuru gel, which is used in this type of massage, means „slippery gel“ in japanese. So, it’s clear, that Nuru massage comes from the old Japan a its purpose is perfect relaxation, body regeneration and enhanced experience of touches of your partner or masseuse.


Nuru gel is made of japanese seaweed Nori and its unique consistency causes that it dries very slowly. It means, that your enjoyment of erotic Nuru massage will be longer, because in that case this type of gel allows to masseuse to glide after your body longer time than with using of classical massage aids, which soak in the skin very soon.


The beginning and running of Nuru massage is basically the same as classical erotic massage. Before you enjoy the exciting experience, you will jump to the shared shower with your chosen lady, where you can get to know each other and get to know your bodies and create the intimate atmosphere already here. You will wash each other and enjoy your touches together. We can say, that the little massage will take a place already in the shower below the waterflow. After that you will be clean and parfumed, you will go to the massage warm room, where the relaxing music and smell of fragrant sticks will be linkage. You will lay on your belly and the girl will put the Nuru gel on you. When she massages you and releases you nicely with her fingers, she will start engaging her whole naked body. Nuru gel will also put itself on her and you can enjoy the whole play of her naked slippery body.



After what she will take care of your backside, she will ask you to turn around. You can taste the look at her body and face and now you can addict to what you’re waiting for all time. Erotic Nuru massage will also pay attention to your intimate parts and you will discover erotogenic zone where you didn’t expect it. Smoothing, massaging and stimulation of your penis will be so long until you reach orgasm, which will be stronger than you are used to. And exactly those orgasms you can enjoy, how many you want and how many you can take.

Don’t hesitate more than it’s necessary. Indulge yourself the extraordinary experience, which you will want to live every day of your life. The choice of girl will be just upon you, and we can satisfied every taste. Discover the world of erotica with us as you still don’t know.

Price of nuru massage

60 min1800 CZK2800 CZK
90 min2300 CZK3500 CZK
120 min3100 CZK4300 CZK