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Girls offering erotic massage as escort to hotel

Zara (age 22)
New girl!
27.11.2020: 09:00 - 19:00
Karin (age 21)
New girl!
Today: 15:00 - 22:00
Laura (age 21)
New girl!
Valerie (age 23)
Mia (age 21)
Jessica (age 20)
Lusy (age 21)
Niky (age 23)
Vendy (age 22)
Today: 09:00 - 22:00

Erotic massage can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your hotel!

Erotic massage has rising popularity as a great way to relax yourself. However, somebody may not like idea of visiting massage saloon, being concerned about not to be seen by any of his friends or family members. That´s why we offer more private option – a hotel escort. Your girl will visit you in a hotel room and give you full service you offer. You can enjoy our services in more private environment.
Please pay attention to this note – escort is only possible for hotel rooms. Our girls does not take way to your home or lent apartment for purposes of security and your own privacy.

Price of escort to hotel

60 minutes2500 CZK
90 minutes3500 CZK
120 minutes4500 CZK
60 minutes2800 CZK
90 minutes3800 CZK
120 minutes4800 CZK

As escort to hotel you can book all OUR SERVICES also MASSAGE WITH TWO GIRLS

As an EXTRA SERVICES you can also book AUTOEROTICS or FOOTJOB ale but also LESBISHOW.

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